Why We Started...

The idea for Verillium Apparel began when I and my friends were debating the issue around sustainability in sport. We jumped straight onto our phones and started looking for sustainable sportswear and became frustrated with the lack of affordable options out there.

After that night, I did also realise that it very much was a trade off between price/affordability and quality when trying to find fitness clothes that were sustainable. This is why I started this brand. It shouldn't be a trade off between, being able to afford sustainable fitness clothing and having good quality items to wear. Let's be honest, if something is low quality or doesn't look very nice, you'll only wear it a few times then chuck it in the back of the drawer..

I also felt that some brands were promoting unattainable standards of fitness that most people, including myself, could not relate to. I want to create a community that feels like home, for everyone, no matter your shape and size, creed or colour - it's just about taking part and enjoying yourself. This is what this TRIBE is about.  

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We believe it’s important to give back to people and the planet. With each purchase, you will help make a difference by planting two trees and supporting a charity close to our hearts. View more on the charities here.
Join the Verillium tribe, follow our journey and make a difference with us one step at a time. See you there!